Simple Ways To Fight The Pigeon Menace

Few people love the company of birds and pigeons and love watching them in their leisure time. But for some people, they are actually a nightmare due to the dirt and mess they create in the balcony and open area.

Pigeons are usually referred to as flying rats and they have adapted to our urban civilization quite well. They are capable of spreading disease through their feces and thus can harm children and adults as well.

The pigeon droppings contain bacteria and fungus which cause major lung disorders which are fatal. Apart from this, they are too noisy at times. Cleaning their feces is another major problem. Even the house maids and helpers don’t agree to clean it. So, you have to take extra time out of your busy schedule cleaning the mess.
Residents of tall towers especially have this problem. Even the offices buildings have pigeon menace problem. Plants in the balcony are harmed by them. Pigeon menace solution is actually simple and helpful to get rid of the pigeons.

Pigeon protection net is the best method to get rid of unwanted guest from your balcony or window. Pigeon netting installation is easy and affordable. You can take professional help in installation or can do it yourself.

One can install pigeon protection net or spikes depending upon the need. This prevents he birds from landing in your property. The nets are made from durable, heavy duty material and hence it is cost effective as no need to worry about changing or re-installing them every year.

The professional pigeon netting installation is done with customized service. This prevents the entry of pigeons as well as birds in your area. This is a flexible way of pigeon control and requires low maintenance.

These nets are available in wide range of colors and may have transparent effect. The size of mesh should be chosen wisely; otherwise it can block your colorful small birdies entering your terrace or balcony.

Bird spikes can be made at home using CD covers and straws or hard wire mesh. This is the cost effective method. The spikes blocks the area and thus the pigeons will not find proper place to sit.
Hanging wind chimes and CD may work for few but installing a net is the great idea as a Pigeon menace solution, as it restricts the entry and make you sit peacefully in your very own place.

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