Building Bird Netting

– Do you want to avoid the chances of falling prey to around 60 different disease caused by pigeons.

– Has your property been damaged and is unhygienic because of Pigeon dropping?

– Are you suffering from frequent respiratory infections, fever and allergies?

Large numbers of birds specially pigeons in and around ducts, pipes, terrace cause damage and unsanitary living conditions. Birds consume and contaminate food and water thereby potentially transmitting diseases to residents.

Nets n Doves is leader in bird proofing for buildings. Our bird netting and pigeon spikes installations are the most effective and permanent method of bird proofing buildings and other structures against Pigeon menace.

Building pigeon netting is particularly effective for large terrace openings, ducts, small ventilation openings and sanitation pipes.

• Maintains hygiene in the Ducts.
• Permanent solution to bird problems.
• Keeps walls and parking area clean.
• Stops contamination of water due to birds.
• Provides healthy living areas in the Society.
• Is economical and necessary.