Industrial space allows a large area to the birds and pigeon to stay and produce a family with minimum risk. Industrial bird netting prevents birds from destroying finished products, expensive machinery, floors etc. Many companies registered heavy financial losses due to birds destroying merchandise and property. The ultimate and full proof solution for all bird control problems is by using netting and spikes as a permanent barrier.


For Health Department inspection and Audit clearance.

  • Protects your workstation from Birds and Pigeons.
  • Protects your finished goods from pigeon droppings.
  • Helps avoid ad-hoc production delays due to birds.
  • Harmless and permanent solution as bird control.
  • Makes your workplace cleaner and hygienic.
  • Lower maintenance on machinery and higher productivity.

Nets n Doves offers world class industrial bird netting solutions. Our industrial bird proofing solutions are matched with global standards. 500+ satisfied industrial clients all over India are using our industrial bird control services and pigeon netting installation.

Why Us?

• Products manufactured under strict six sigma compliance.
• Bird Net used is UV stabilized and weather-proof.
• Specially processed, chemically inert and rot proof.
• Melting point of 260 degrees and strength of 23kg per yarn.
• Installation done with International safety standards.
• Trained professional for installation. 3 years of Quick service warranty.

We promise to provide a clean, healthy and happy atmosphere for your co-workers, and clients in your industrial premises. Installing our anti bird nets as bird control service is the most effective and powerful method to stop pigeon menace. We offer free site visits for inspection to understand the problems faced by pigeon menace and suggest customized solutions for it.